the fact that pre-meme, memecore, ironic memecore, and post-ironic memecore are actual different sections of meme culture is hilarious. also the fact that they all happened in pretty much the span of 10 years says a lot about meme culture. also i bet the half-life of meme relevancy is really small.

pre meme culture, before the coining of the word meme:

  • ookachaga baby taht was passed by email of all things
  • numa numa guy
  • chocolate rain
  • star wars kid (before meme culture was really understood, his peers laughed and bullied him. now, people have realized that meme fame is something to be cherished for its brief life, not ridiculed. this early memeius [genius] will live in our hearts, even if he is ashamed of his status as a meme forefather)
  • evolution of dance

meme culture (also known as the meme Enlightenment) 

  • .image
  • image
  • image
  • There are some that overlap the pre-meme and meme eras, of course, being imma firin my lazor and the stick figure that rebels against photoshop. it’s a beautiful era

ironic memecore

  • with the media grabbing a hold of these image, seeing them everywhere, the internet decided that these were Officially Too Mainstream and no longer cool. The mocking of the memes has begun. 
  • image
  • also some aren’t aware, but the feels meme originated in ironic memecore, a mocking of the popular way to bastardize the word ‘feelings’ by fandom. 
  • image

we’ve just left the ironic meme age so there will still be a few people who uses the “y u no” meme or “is this the real life or just fantasy” as a mockery of people who used to do it, but they’ll learn sood enough

Post-ironic memecore the one we are currently in

  • the turnover rate of memes is almost overnight. we take all of the ironic memes and have admitted that we find them funny, thus re-recycling the meme. 
  • the thace that memes ahve become self-aware and have become memes themselves. paradoxical meme. the fact that the sheer concept of memes is inandof itself a meme
  • also this
  • image
  • image
  • image

Marina and the Diamonds - Numb
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numb // marina and the diamonds

and i’ll light up the sky
stars that burn the brightest
fall so fast and pass you by
cough like empty lighters


hi good morning touch me inappropriately 


*looks at pet* fucking furry lmao

by ajpscs

by ajpscs


this is art

New Oculus Rift Game Idea


fight Hatsune Miku to the death